About EBEG

This team specifically represents bead embroidery artists.This is group of talented artists with their own sense creativity, mature style/skills and willingness to belong to a group and support each other with knowledge, information and promotion in all ways possible. 

The EBEG Team is made up of bead embroidery artists who aspire to successfully market their beadwoven creations on Etsy.com and elsewhere. As such the EBEG Team has two areas of focus:1) Practical business help, including sales promotion by networking, marketing and creating awareness of bead embroidery as an art. 2)Artistic inspiration, instruction and encouragement." 

What is bead embroidery? It is a type of bead work that uses needle & thread or soft flexible wire/Fireline to stitch beads to a surface or just about anything!! Some common surfaces are fabric, suede, & leather. Most bead embroidery takes the form of jewelry or personal adornment, wall hanging & sculpture.

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