Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Well March is here and the weather (hopefully) is making a change for the better as we head into spring.  With March already here our Bead Fest Challenge for spring is just about over, many of the artists have been working hard on their spring projects.  It is really amazing at the diversity and the quality of the beading in this guild.  The work and time put into these projects would boggle the mind.  On April 5 a showcase of the hard work will be posted here at the blog, the theme was to present work that had filigrees in them.
The guild has gone through many changes in February, old leaders stepping down and new leaders stepping up.  We have a new blog which I  hope everyone will enjoy reading which will feature many accomplishments and frustrations in this wonderful art medium from the beginning process to the end.  Also, being able to learn more about the members of the guild through our member spotlights and spotlights of some of the work that goes into making these lovely pieces. 
Along with our many changes we also had 19 new members join us this past month which is really exciting, all very talented Etsy bead embroidery artists.  Our group grew from 18 to a whopping 37! WOW! So welcome all the new members we look forward to hearing from you.
So welcome and enjoy everything that we have to offer and if you have any problems with the blog or questions please let me know either by dropping an email at or   Thank you to all the support and positive words we have received from our many readers already.  Mickey Parker


  1. Some changes are good ones. I too am very excited about our growth and the active, talented members to our guild.

  2. I'm excited to see all the entries for this Bead Fest. It's my first and I struggled with the idea at first- but I'm happy with the results :)