Monday, April 2, 2012

Today EBEG begins celebrating our 2nd BEAD FEST!!!!!
EBEG Bead Fest is a seasonal event to encourage our members to create masterpieces inspired by a commonly chosen Theme. We organize Bead Fests in every season - which enables our Members to work on their piece nearly 3 months. This is a non-challenge event, when everyone can challenge themselves to create more professional bead work. There is no prize, no title, no competition - only the fun and inspirational beading. Participating on Bead Fests for our members are optional. This provides full attention and perfection of the entries.

All entries are posted in EBEG Treasuries at ETSY, Our FB Fan Page and here on the Blog.

~~~The Theme~~~
Romantic, ancient and sometimes steam punkish, filigree has adorned women and men both throughout the ages. A costume or hairstyle that needed a bit of added beauty would be complimented with a swirl of metal, gemstone, wood or beaded glory in the form of filigree adornment. Pendants, brooches, necklaces, hair combs, barrettes, even swords and shields have sported filigree. I thought that this component would be a wonderful theme for bead embroidery. No matter what the filigree is made of, it can be surrounded by beads in any way the artist sees fit, or even made up of beads itself. There are glorious works out there that have beaded 'filigree' used as the focal for a necklace or bracelet that have inspired me. So, anything goes, bead your own filigree, or use a metal or wooden component - or a pierced piece of faux ivory or gemstone - just include filigree as your main focal element for your piece and have FUN!!! (The main focal would also be considered to be multiples, as in a bracelet made of many small components which each included filigree.)

Throughout the week I will highlight an artist who participated in the bead fest, so you know who did each work.  This is such an amazing group with a lot of talent.  It is a pleasure to be part of this guild. 


  1. Beautiful Pieces and such a variety! I look forward to the individual showcases. Will you be interviewing each pieces or just connecting the piece with the artist?

    1. I will be connecting the piece to the artist and if I have any other information then I will add that in. :)