Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Artist Interview

Name: Christina Neit (Good Quill Hunting)
Location: Denver, Colorado

Please introduce yourself to the readers: I was born and raised in Maine. I have lived in Florida for 2 years and moved here to Colorado in 2010. This is my permanent home and my dream of a life time! I have 4 kids ranging from 28-12, 2 of each.

How long have you been beading? I have been beading since 2005. I actually used to play with beads when I was young with the cheap loom you can buy for a few dollars. I grew up in a VERY small town on the Canadian Border and was always influenced by the bead work at the local 'Indian Store' (that was the name of it, I am sure it has changed since in lieu of political correctness).

When did you first try bead embroidery as a technique? I was bead embroidering 6 months into teaching myself how to bead. This magazine cover was my inspiration and how I learned: and my piece named Royalty was the result of that.

Why do you like bead embroidery? I love bead embroidery because there really are no rules. All you need is knowledge of a basic stitch and the rest is all you. It is virtually impossible to duplicate and I think that it gives more opportunity to a bead artist to 'think outside the box' and allows more creative freedoms that a patterned weave.

What are your inspirations and influences? When I started beading, I was totally enthralled with the European and Russian bead artists and I still am. They all were very influential in my work. I am inspired by way too many people/place/things to list and don't seem to lack in that department, it actually drives me crazy sometimes.

What are your favorite materials? This is easy--seed beads!!
What defines your style? As for a 'style' I honestly couldn't tell you about my 'style'. I like to do all types of bead work and try to please as many customers as possible with as many different types of work as possible. I don't see myself with a specific style, although others may, I cannot see it.

What are your future goals with beading? Always try to 'out do' myself. Keep my work as eclectic as I can and try to 'stay ahead' by doing original and unusual work. I need to do more pattern work. I have ideas all the time, I just really would rather bead than be designing patterns.


  1. Chris, thanks for sharing. How did you come up with "Good Quill Hunting??"

    1. Hi Sharayah, sorry, I am just now seeing your question. Dave came up with it. We both have an affinity for puns and plays on words, so this came up. I often get called 'Good Will Hunting' after the movie, which the 'play' is based on ;) It fit like a glove when it rolled off his tongue LOL