Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What are your signs?

Signs of a Bead Artist: Humorous remarks welcomed. Please add to the list.
By Sharayah Sheldon And Mickey Parker

1. You are glad that NFL football season started so your partner can watch the games and you can
2. You know more that 28 colors.
3. You bead more than you talk, sleep or eat
4 You're in love with or never leave your bead studio/room
5. You have no room for company to sit.
6. Security is called when you wear your chain mail vest and accessories
7. Your kids pick beads out of their cereal
8. You know a donut is more than just a pastry and a rivolis is NOT a form of pasta.
9. You know more than just one stitch.
10.  For you shopping at a beading store is an all day adventure.


  1. When the bead store people know your husband by name (since he's the one always stopping in to pick up what you "need").
    When you can send your hubby to get 4mm AB bicones and he knows exactly where they are kept.
    When every single box you own has beads in it (Including the medical supply boxes)!
    When you "appropriate" unusual objects from the doctor's office because they might be fun to bead.
    When every piece of luggage and purse you own has an "emergency bead stash"
    When you find packages of beads you forgot you bought and have no idea what they were intended for.
    When you go back to the bead store to buy more beads to make something else with the beads you just found.
    When your mother mentions that she vacuumed up beads the last time she cleaned and you beat yourself about the head, crying "Where did I go wrong?"
    When someone shows you the necklace she just bought from a local craft fair and you have to restrain yourself from tearing it apart and putting it back together the "right" way.
    While touring a local manufacturing facility, you pick a rawhide hammer out of an assortment of tools and no one, including the employees know what it is or what it is used for.

  2. When you have bought the same bead over and over without realizing it, until you see several containers of it in your bead box.
    Looking at a graveled driveway and thinking to yourself , " Hmmm I wonder what kind of gem I can find there?"
    Always using terminology that only a beader can understand.

  3. actually conversation between me and my fiance this morning on our way home from doctor appointment:

    Me - "As long as we are up here I have a coupon let me run into beadworld really quick"

    him - "don't go crazy in there"

    me- "i won't.. i don't have much money"

    him - "Ha - that is what you always say"

    me - "i know, but this time I REALLY mean it... I will be back in 5 minutes. I'm just getting one tube of beads"

    45 minutes later.. 3 tubes of beads, and 5 strands of beads...

    I really did try to be good!

  4. When you repeatly keep ordering more than one copy of the same bead book.

    When the topic of your conversations with friends is always about beads, designs, designers, your guild, and jewelry.

  5. Telling my husband I placed a small $5 bead order when in reality, it is ....$50 :/

  6. When you pick up rocks while walking the dog thinking this would be a great pendant. :o) Great list all!

    Have a terrific week!

  7. When you spend a fortune on storage units to house your bead collection.

    When you're walking down the street and you spot someone wearing a piece of your beadwork and you do a very awkward and silly little "Happy" dance.

  8. Lying in bed until 3 AM because a piece just "has" to get designed.

    "Sort of" listening to what friends and family are saying because a piece just "has" to get designed.

    Trying to figure out if it would be possible to use my long-haired cat's hair for a project.

    Needing to buy more beading trays because the other three already have unfinished projects on them.